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Welcome to Safety Training Resources, serving St. Charles, St. Louis and the surrounding metropolitan area.

“Your Safety Is Our Business” isn’t just a catchy phrase for us; it defines who we are and what we do. We recognize the issues facing the construction and mining industry; regulatory and compliance issues that result in high fines, loss of work time, increased workers’ compensation claims, skyrocketing insurance premiums, plus much more. At STR we realize that accidents and injuries can and do occur in the workplace. However, we strongly believe that a comprehensive and thorough safety training program for your employees can teach them how to prevent an incident from ever occurring.

Prior to implementing a training program, STR conducts a personal assessment with you to determine your goals and how we can help you accomplish them. We listen to what your concerns are, and the areas that need attention. A Certified Safety Administrator (CSA) will conduct a site audit and assessment to help identify safety issues and present a scorecard that will be used to develop a training program based on MSHA and OSHA standards and best practices.

Creating a culture of safety in the workplace starts at the top and in doing so you give your employees the knowledge and awareness of safety issues and how to practice them every day. The results are confident employees, better quality, increased production and company profitability.

Your Safety Is Our Business.

  • Average cost for an in-house Safety Manager is $52,000 a year. We can substantially reduce this cost and provide professional solutions that give you a competitive edge.
  • Federal and state regulations are complicated and keeping up with them is a challenge. As a STR client, we will make sure that your company is kept up-to-date with any regulatory changes and help implement them.
  • Injury costs, workers’ compensation claims, rising insurance costs. The average cost of an injury to an employee costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. This same injury results in time lost and ultimately higher insurance premiums. STR will develop a comprehensive training program that will create an atmosphere of safety awareness and practices that will help employees understand the importance of safety first.
  • Employee retention. With a successful training program, employees operate with a greater sense of confidence that their environment is safer, costs are controlled and profit growth for the company is realized.