Workplace Violence Prevention and Training Program

Violence in the workplace is emerging as a significant workplace hazard. Employees become victims of violent acts that may result in substantial physical or emotional harm.

Workplace violence can lead to medical treatment, missed work, lost wages and decreased productivity. Violence at work can take many forms: intimidation, threats, theft, stalking, assault, hostage-taking, kidnapping, suicide and homicide. Homicide is the second leading cause of all job-related deaths and the leading cause of such deaths for women.

Safety Training Resouces has developed a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program along with a Threat Assessment Audit to augument your existing safety and health program.

The course includes an initial risk assessment and review, development of a written workplace violence policy statement, designing prevention proceduces, education and training, incident reporting and analysis along with follow-up and procedures and evaluation techniques.

At the end of the day, it does not appear that violence is decreasing in our society. Ultimately and unfortunately, this violence is being played out in the workplace. For legal, and more importantly, human reasons, businesses can no longer choose to ignore this important issue.

The Workplace Violence and Prevention Trainng Program was created to help you in planning how your organization can address this issue. We hope you never need to implement it, but we believe that a performance-oriented approach of this program provides employers an opportunity to maintain a safe and healthful workplace.

Contact Safety Training Resources for a no-cost consultation at 314-808-3502.

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