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Noise and Dust Monitoring Solutions in Missouri offered by Safety Training Resources

Monday, January 10th, 2011

MSHA is actively enforcing dust and noise regulations. It has initiated programmed inspections that will regulate dust and noise exposure in the workplace.

As of January 1, 2011 MSHA is no longer providing dust and noise monitoring. Mine operators are responsible for having controls in place and conducting their own sampling. This is a shift from MSHA’s enforcement of overexposures to MSHA enforcement of the mine operators’ requirement to conduct health hazard surveys and make appropriate changes to ensure miners are not overexposed to contaminants. Mine operators must demonstrate compliance rather than relying on enforcement interventions.

Are you willfully exposing your workers to dangerously high levels of hazardous dust and/or noise? Do you have a Safety Strategy in place that addresses workplace exposure?

Safety Training Resources is partnering with companies just like yours to plan and implement dust and noise programs. We have the knowledge and equipment to conduct surveys as frequently as necessary.

5 W’s and How…Your Solution to Dust and Noise Compliance

Who? – US Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration
What? – Increased focus on Dust and Noise exposure monitoring
Where? – Metal and Nonmetal Mines throughout the United States
When? – Right Now!
Why? – To protect miners from overexposure to harmful levels of dust and noise, and to ensure mine operators have the required safety programs in place to meet the standard.
How? – Safety Training Resources has the knowledge and experience to assist mine operators in planning and implementing programs to protect miners and conduct workplace surveys for both dust and noise exposure.

Safety Training Resources will:

  • Conduct a Site Audit
  • Write Dust and Noise Exposure Plans
  • Identify Control Measures
  • Assist in program implementation
  • Conduct dust and noise exposure monitoring