Safety Training Resources encourages Missouri Employers to “get offensive!”

Jeff Viehmann conducts a "tailgate" training class focusing on harnesses and height regulation.

OSHA has been pretty open about its new focus on compliance. The agency is both hiring more compliance officers and stepping up the training it provides them.

Your best defense is to focus on the offense! Having Safety Training Resources join your team will help you identify OSHA compliance problems and resolve them before an OSHA compliance officer shows up at your door.

You may feel your safety program is in order, but have you walked your company through a mock OSHA inspection? Do all your workers know what to say and how to interact with the compliance officer if asked questions? Having Safety Training Resources conduct a safety assessment prior to an actual inspection can save your company big in terms of fines, lost productivity, and stress.
Safety Training Resources will set a course for your company’s compliance strategy.

Safety Training Resources can help you better understand:

  • OSHA‘s new stepped-up role and what will likely be changing in the near future
  • How an OSHA compliance officer will likely approach an inspection
  • How to look at your worksite to identify potential violations
  • The best ways to prepare workers and management to successfully handle OSHA inspections
  • How to work with OSHA compliance officers and handle the inspection when they finally arrive at your workplace

Safety Training Resources focuses on all aspects of occupational safety, and works with employers to help them implement an OSHA compliant safety program.

Act Now!

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