Safety Training Resources asks questions of Missouri Mine Operators and Employers….is safety a series of near misses?

  • Has your company reached a tipping point?
  • Does your safety net resemble a hammock?
  • Are your employees complacent and dependent?
  • Are you waiting for “something” to happen before you make a decision on what you should do?

Tomorrow begins today…………

The current OSHA/MSHA environment is filled with uncertainty and pending regulation.

The President’s commitment to cut spending underscores a strategy in which agency budgets will be impacted and priorities will change.  The expenses once earmarked for training and education will be shifted to the employer and the government’s investment in compliance and regulation will prevail.

Prepare to justify your existence…..cost benefit analysis will morph into performance based accountability. Heed the warning!

Locally, the number of OSHA Compliance officers has increased and the number of MSHA inspectors has decreased. The amount of OSHA inspections are going to dramatically increase. The inspection experience will be completely different from the past. The amount of MSHA inspections will most likely be flat, as the mandatory requirements have not changed. However, the intent and subsequent volume of citations will be memorable (or maybe it will be “historical”).
The President’s efforts to reduce excessive and unjustified regulatory burdens are merely an attempt to eliminate loopholes. Federal agencies are plotting to follow Cass Sunstein’s path to managing risk with cost benefit analysis and spin the President’s pledge to “design cost-effective, evidence-based regulation” to help reduce our country’s $14 trillion debt.

  • Do you have what it takes to rule yourself?
  • Are you up to the challenge of being a mine operator or employer?
  • Do you believe the government should be in charge of your safety program?
  • Do you want to be a participant in the New American Safety Experiment?

Read ….ask questions….most important – Act Now!

Safety isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!

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