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MSHA Releases “Rules to Live By” Initiative

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

In an effort to prevent fatalities in the mining industry (metal/nonmetal & coal), MSHA recently released the top frequently cited standards (11 in coal mining and 13 in metal/nonmetal) that cause or contribute to fatal accidents in the mining industry in 9 accident catagories.

The goal of this initiative is to prevent miners from losing their lives in preventable accidents. From 2000-2009, 623 miners lost their lives. As a result, MSHA analyzed data from these accidents to identify conditions and practices that contributed to these deaths.

The 13 frequently cited standards for the Metal/Nonmetal industry that resulted in a fatality are as follows:

Operating speeds and control of equipment
Work on power circuits
Brake performance
Procedures during repairs or maintenance
Seat belts shall be worn by equipment operators
Seat belts shall be provided and worn in haul trucks
Machinery, equipment, and tools used beyond design
Parking procedures for unattended equipment
Safety belts and lines
Bins, hoppers, silos, tanks, and surge piles
Persons shall stay clear of suspended loads
Barricades and warning signs
Ground support use

The nine accident categories are:
Falls from Elevation
Falls of Roof and Rib
Operating Mobile Equipment (Surface)
Operating Mobile Equipment (Underground)
Struck by Mobile Equipment (Surface)
Struck by Mobile Equipment (Underground)
Blocking Against Motion

There is no doubt that compliance with safety and health standards should be the focus of mine operators. Safety Training Resources supports MSHA and their efforts to provide education on ways the mining industry can improve mine safety and health. There is no reason why one more family has to hear that their loved one has been killed while on the job.

To read the complete “Rules to Live By” Initiative visit